My calligraphy journey and etsy!

After months (closer to a year) of deliberating and procrastinating, I finally set up an Etsy shop for my calligraphy work! My love of calligraphy started about a year ago after taking a class at a local boutique. It wasn't until months after that class, I picked up my pens and really committed to practicing regularly. My many attempts sitting down with pen and paper, left me frustrated and critical of my abilities. But deep down, I wasn't willing to give up. I would find myself looking forward to some quiet time with just me, my thoughts, my pens and paper, especially being in front of a computer most of the day. This was my way of reconnecting with myself. Now I look forward to it almost every day, even if it's a few minutes and I learn something new each time.

My calligraphy journey has allowed me to meet so many amazing people and I'm grateful for all the teachers, artists, calligraphers, and customers, who constantly inspire me, keep me going, and allow me to share my love of calligraphy with others.